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Automated EDW assessment and actionable recommendations for moving analytics to the cloud

Assessing analytical workloads is the first step towards successful cloud migration. However, an assessment typically provides a non-actionable list of inventories.

An intelligent automation-based workload assessment offered by LeapLogic can help you get actionable insights. It profiles workloads and maps their compatibility with your target cloud environment. As a result, you are prepared to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful cloud transition of your ETL and analytics workloads.

In this session, our experts will share insights on how LeapLogic can help you:

  • Identify workload complexities, patterns, and technical debt
  • Map existing workloads to your target cloud stack
  • Create a blueprint for future-state architecture based on an automation-based intelligent assessment
  • Implement best practices to de-risk your cloud transition

We will also share success stories of how LeapLogic has helped Fortune 500 enterprises make the right decisions for a seamless EDW transformation.


Hari Kodakalla

Director, Cloud and Data Strategy

Barry Tuthill

VP-Field Operations

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