On-demand Webinar

Automate and Optimize DW Migration to Snowflake – Leverage existing EDW investments when moving to the Cloud

Enterprises are moving their data warehouse to the cloud to take advantage of reduced operational and administrative overheads, improved business agility, and unmatched simplicity.

The Impetus Workload Transformation Solution makes the journey to the cloud easier by automating the DW migration to cloud-native data warehouse platforms like Snowflake. The solution enables enterprises to automate conversion of source DDL, DML scripts, business logic, and procedural constructs. Enterprises can preserve their existing investments, eliminate error-prone, slow, and expensive manual practices, mitigate any risk, and accelerate time-to-market with the solution.

Join our upcoming webinar where Impetus experts will detail:

  1. Cloud migration strategy
  2. Critical considerations for moving to the cloud
  3. Nuances of migration journey to Snowflake
  4. Demo – Automated workload transformation to Snowflake


Sanjay Sharma

Principal Architect

Barry Tuthill

VP-Field Operations

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