On-demand Webinar

Data warehouse transformation: A retrospective and outlook

The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has been the heart of decision support for more than two decades. But the game has now changed. The new age of advanced data analytics is placing bold demands on all aspects of our current infrastructure, platforms, architecture, tools, and management processes. Our essential ability to manage new data and fast data at massive scale will determine how quickly we can evolve to being real-time, data driven businesses.

The industry leaders/disruptors are utilizing modern data warehouse architectures to unleash the elasticity and economics of the cloud. They can apply advanced Intelligent analytics, deliver high quality, trusted and secure data while rapidly enabling enterprise-ready data discovery and preparation, data quality and visualization.

In this webinar, Impetus V.P. of Modern Data Architecture, Venkat Chakravarthi and Hari Kodakalla, V.P. of Cloud and Data Strategy will provide lessons learned from client modernization projects across a wide range of industries.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • How enterprises are transforming their data-intensive operations
  • How to balance the benefits and trade-offs of Cloud/On-Prem/Hybrid
  • Trends and best practices for developing a fail-proof strategy
  • The proven role of automation in EDW transformation
  • Critical priorities, strategy, and process to get to a modern data architecture

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