On-demand Webinar

Formulating an effective strategy to accelerate your cloud journey

The agile nature of the cloud helps enterprises to meet increased capacity requirements, rapidly deploy new solutions, and become more responsive to market changes. An effective cloud strategy involves identifying an organization’s business goals, understanding data privacy and governance, deciding what to migrate, and proactively planning for effective utilization of cloud resources.

This exclusive webinar aims at helping Change Healthcare to adopt an appropriate cloud strategy in line with its business goals. Our cloud experts will focus on the following:

  • Planning an effective migration to the cloud
  • Best practices and automation opportunities for transition to the cloud
  • Reference architectures for cloud enablement
  • Impetus’ cloud transformation experiences with Fortune 1000 organizations


Atul Sharma

Director, Strategic Accounts & Customer Success

Samiksha Saraf

Senior Solutions Architect

Vinod Singh

Senior Solutions Architect

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