On-demand Webinar

Operationalizing Enterprise 360 – Create a Single Source of Truth

Complex and fragmented data systems make it challenging to define a ‘single source of truth’ for data that provides a comprehensive, single and 360 degree view of the enterprise. Enterprises are pushing for higher levels of data integrity that can drive business insights quickly and easily — up and down and across the enterprise.

Is it possible to achieve a single source of truth across the enterprise? Or is enterprise 360 just an expensive myth? Is the path easy? Or is it a never-ending journey?

To get answers to these questions, join our upcoming webinar on Enterprise 360 where we will present a roadmap to:

  • Data and workload migration to cloud or on-premise data warehouse using automation
  • Building an enterprise BI consumption layer
  • Delivering self-service and interactive insights on data

Who should attend:

  • Business leaders looking to break down data silos, reduce costs, and optimize business processes.
  • IT leaders looking to provide a scalable architecture to support enterprise 360, eliminate vendor lock-in, and increase analytical flexibility for business users, analysts, and data scientists.


Praveen Kankariya

CEO, Impetus Technologies, Inc.

Ajay Anand

VP Products & Marketing - Kyvos Insights, Inc.

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