On-demand Webinar

Transform data and workloads to the cloud with over 80% automation

Cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure deliver next-gen information architecture to quickly deploy end-to-end cloud analytics and data warehousing solutions.

In this exclusive virtual session for Change Healthcare, we will outline how our automated Workload Transformation Solution can help you seamlessly migrate data warehouse, ETL, and analytics workloads to the cloud. Learn how to convert almost all your legacy sources (Oracle, SQL Server, Informatica, etc.) to a cloud-native technology stack with over 80% automation.

Based on Impetus’ experiences with Fortune 1000 companies, our experts will detail the following:

  • Critical considerations for moving to the cloud
  • A robust strategy for automated workload transformation
  • The nuances of cloud transformation
  • A demo of the fastest way to convert ETL, analytics, and data warehouse to the cloud


Venkat Chakravarthi

VP - Modern Data Architecture

Hari Kodakalla

Director, Cloud and Data Strategy

Atul Sharma

Director of Strategic Accounts & Client Partner

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