Auto-transform SAS workloads to the cloud

Embrace the power of end-to-end automation for migrating even complex SAS workloads to the cloud while minimizing risks.

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    Leveraging LeapLogic's automation, AARP Services fast-tracked conversion of 10K+ lines of code for replacing SAS with Databricks.

    Handle corner cases and unwanted anomalies efficiently with LeapLogic

    Conversion of dynamic Proc SQLs

    Varied file formats

    Macro blocks

    Various PROCS such as Proc Transpose

    Range and wildcard variables

    Data block with merge/union

    The LeapLogic advantage

    4x faster transformation
    2x lower cost
    1.5x faster validation
    2x less manual effort
    Up to 95% automation
    90% reduction in risk

    Get real results

    Fortune 100 BFSI enterprise

    • 70% auto-conversion of legacy SAS workloads  
    • 50% time and cost savings compared to manual migration  
    • 50% time and cost savings compared to manual migration  

    AARP Services Inc.

    • 80% automated migration from SAS to Databricks
    • 10K+ lines of SAS code transformed
    • ~25% infrastructure cost savings 

    Leading data analytics company

    • 80-100% conversion of medium/simple SAS modules 
    • 50% time and cost savings using cloud-native services
    • 10x performance improvement
    Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

    Have the best company for your modernization journey

    Fast-track your SAS migration with zero complexities