Accelerated migration to Snowflake

Accelerate your ETL, analytics, Hadoop, and data warehouse migration and transformation to Snowflake with LeapLogic

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    Explore the transformation potential in your business

    / Assessment
    • Get answers to key questions
    • Will it make sense to design my future-state architecture using all Snowflake-native services (AWS/Azure/Google Cloud) for data processing and storage, orchestrating, analytics, etc.?
    • What should be the optimum auto-scaling rule for my Snowflake cluster based on my reporting needs?
    • Data warehouse
    • Can I get schema optimization recommendations for partitioning, clustering, etc.?
    • ETL
    • Will my ETL processing SLAs impact my choice for an optimum Snowflake cluster size?
    • Hadoop
    • Is my optimization strategy for Update/Merge apt for Snowflake?
    / transformation
    • Packaging and orchestration using Snowflake-native services
    • Intelligent transformation engine, delivering up to 95% automation for:
    • Data warehouse to Snowflake migration –Snowflake
    • ETL to Snowflake migration – Snowflake
    • Analytics to Snowflake migration – Snowpark on Snowflake
    • Hadoop to Snowflake – Snowflake, Presto query engine
    / validation
    • All transformed data warehouse, ETL, analytics, and/or Hadoop workloads
    • Business logic (with a high degree of automation)
    • Cell-by-cell validation
    • File to file validation
    • Integration testing on enterprise datasets
    • Assurance of data and logic consistency and parity in the new target environment
    / operationalization
    • Productionization and go-live
    • Capacity planning for optimal cost-performance ratio
    • Performance optimization
    • Robust cutover planning
    • Infrastructure as code
    • Automated CI/CD
    • Provisioning of Snowflake and other required services



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    Automated workload transformation from Oracle to Snowflake

    Automated workload transformation from Spark and Hive to Snowpark


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