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15 Feb 2021

Simplify big data migration and workload transformation to the cloud

As enterprises struggle with poor data reliability, unscalable infrastructure, management complexities, excessive maintenance overheads, and unrealized value, they are looking to move their data and workloads to a cloud alternative.

However, ensuring business continuity during cloud migration is a major challenge. The applications built on Hadoop have fast and ready local access to an on-premises data warehouse.

As multiple data pipelines read and write data concurrently in real-time, how do you ensure quick access while migrating workloads without disrupting business? How do you get 360-degree visibility of your data ecosystem, including the process dependencies and usage patterns necessary to operationalize your workloads in the new environment?

Impetus and WANdisco can help.

Impetus Technologies has partnered with WANdisco to ensure seamless migration, optimization, and operationalization of your workloads and analytics from Hadoop to the cloud without any business disruption.

To get enterprises started, WANdisco’s fully automated cloud migration solution LiveData can help them migrate HDFS data of any scale to the cloud. It can migrate even while those data sets are under active change, without any production system downtime, and with zero risk of data loss.

In conjunction with the WANdisco solution, Impetus Technologies can help you orchestrate the ecosystem of processes, data sources, and workloads dependent on that data.

Of special mention are Impetus products, including LeapLogic, an automated workload transformation product, which can convert or rearchitect legacy big data systems to ‘any-and-all’ cloud-native services of your choice.

Another solution offered by Impetus can accelerate analytic solution development, quality data testing, and efficient cluster utilization of Hadoop-based solutions to improve the performance of data operations in the cloud.

Beyond data migration: Workload conversion, optimization, and operationalization

LeapLogic can help you migrate and operationalize workloads with its 4-step approach – assessment, transformation, validation, and operationalization.

  • Provides intelligent assessment and recommendations for the target architecture and tech stack
  • Helps you move not just data, but all things around it — Maps and transforms queries, ETL code, applications, reporting, and analytical workloads to the cloud
  • Enables you to avoid business disruption with automated conversion of business logic, query validation, and code optimization
  • Provides end-to-end transformation to cloud-native services of your choice
  • Provides end-to-end packaging, orchestration, and execution for the target
  • Ensures cost-performance ratio optimization of migrated workloads
  • Ensures implicit data governance and security compliance

Additionally, the solution can help you optimize your data by:

  • Monitoring clusters with node system-level fine-grained statistics.
  • Profiling MapReduce jobs in a cluster to provide insights into CPU and heap dumps of Hadoop jobs, enabling developers and DevOps team to identify bottlenecks and optimize jobs to increase execution efficiency.
  • Finding anomalies in the data lake based on data quality requirements specified by the user.
  • Keeping an eye on the quality of the ingested data.
  • Classifying and categorizing data according to the user requirement.

Once you have optimized your data for the cloud environment, you can operationalize your data and workloads on the cloud with the help of our services to:

  • Optimally plan target capacity
  • Stabilize the target environment through a parallel run period
  • Take advantage of the continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) model
  • Enable effective operational monitoring

Impetus and WANdisco: Effortless data transformation

Combined with WANdisco’s LiveData, Impetus’ solutions and services can seamlessly help you realize your transformation goals with zero business disruption.

To understand more about how WANdisco and Impetus can help you migrate your legacy big data and workloads, watch our on-demand webinar.


Authored by Barry Tuthill, Vice President – Field Operations at Impetus Technologies and Tony Velcich, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at WANdisco