Case Study

Auto-transformed 80% of Informatica ETL workloads to AWS Glue for a specialty pharmacy program provider

Powered risk-free modernization to AWS with LeapLogic, empowering the company to leverage emerging tech for innovation.

Business needs

A US-based specialty pharmacy program provider, a spin-off from a not-for-profit academic medical center, wanted to move away from its legacy infrastructure, which hindered its analytical-driven growth. They needed to construct infrastructure from scratch and lacked an Informatica license, making cloud migration an obvious choice.

The program provider selected AWS Glue for its AWS ecosystem integration, serverless architecture, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. With Informatica licensing expiring soon, they sought a partner to seamlessly transition ETL workloads to AWS Glue with minimal business disruption.


Successfully completed the migration project within a 3-month timeframe, accelerating the client’s modernization journey



The Impetus team architected a comprehensive migration solution to AWS Glue in response to business needs. By leveraging LeapLogic, Impetus’ automated cloud accelerator, the team auto-transformed 25 Informatica workflows and 54 mappings of medium-to-high complexity to AWS Glue jobs.


Solution Highlights

  • Auto-transformed AWS Glue Studio and PySpark Glue Informatica ETL workflows to Glue workflows.
  • Auto-created AWS Glue blueprints to automate the development of Glue workflows, Glue triggers, and Glue jobs.
  • Utilized AWS Glue workflows for effective orchestration of tasks.
  • For higher reusability and repeatability, leveraged infrastructure as code for easy and quick development of future native Glue workflows and jobs.
  • Automated the process of populating the holiday calendar in the database.


Technology stack used: AWS Glue, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, SQL Server, Python, Apache Spark



The pharmacy program provider’s decision to modernize its ETL infrastructure by transitioning from Informatica to AWS Glue by leveraging LeapLogic’s automation capabilities, not only streamlined their operations but also brought about substantial benefits, including:

  • Self-sustainability: Achieving independence from the parent company’s Informatica team for job creation and support.
  • Time savings: Saved two months compared to manual offloading methods.
  • 50% cost savings: Automation powered a cost-efficient migration process compared to traditional manual offloading .
  • 80% automated transformation: Automation-driven modernization of Informatica workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Improved scalability and performance, even with growing data volumes.
  • Enabled future readiness: Implementing a modern stack ensured agility and scalability, empowering the organization to leverage emerging tech for innovation and competitiveness.
  • Facilitated new opportunities: Cloud-native infrastructure fostered rapid development, scalable operations, and access to leading-edge tech, driving innovation and meeting customer needs.