White Paper

Forrester Report on Data Warehouse Best Practices: The Next-Gen EDW Is the Big Data Warehouse

Big Data Warehouses Drive Faster, Integrated, Self-Service Analytics

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is not dead; it’s evolving! It has come a long way, but in the era of big data, the traditional EDW is failing to meet new business requirements, such as support for real-time and ad hoc customer analytics, new sources of data, and self-service capabilities. That’s why this Forrester report on data warehouse best practices is a must-read for enterprise architects. Discover how you can gain a competitive edge and enable innovation and growth. Learn how the new big data warehouse addresses EDW gaps and delivers timely and actionable insights.

To learn more about data warehouse best practices, see the webinar The Next Generation EDW: Delivering on the Promise of Big Data

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