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Databricks partner session – Intelligent, automated modernization of your legacy data warehousing, ETL and analytics platform

How data teams can move faster, reduce complexity, and accelerate decision making

Today’s enterprises need their data teams to move faster, process data economically at any scale, reduce complexity, break silos, and accelerate decision making with advanced predictive analytics. As legacy data warehousing and ETL platforms are barely able to meet these needs, most enterprises are looking for smarter, accelerated strategies to modernize their data platforms to a cloud-native Lakehouse architecture.

LeapLogic, Impetus’ world-class cloud accelerator for ETL, data warehouse, and analytics modernization, makes it possible to take on such a large transformational migration journey. Having successfully handled many such migrations, LeapLogic’s team has the expertise to help ensure a seamless journey to Databricks, while minimizing the risk of business disruption. Join experts from Databricks and Impetus to learn how you can infuse best practices across your cloud transformation journey.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The need to modernize your data platforms to Databricks
  • Strategies for building a modern Databricks Lakehouse architecture
  • Leveraging automated assessment to create a robust migration plan
  • Deep dive into automated transformation of legacy workloads using LeapLogic
  • Approaches for testing and operationalization
  • Real-world success stories and best practices


Soham Bhatt

Lead Solutions Architect, EDW Migrations

Sanjay Sharma

Principal Architect,
Impetus Technologies Inc.

Barry Tuthill

VP of Customer Success,
Impetus Technologies Inc.

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