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Enterprises can now buy LeapLogic in AWS Marketplace to automate the migration of legacy ETL, Data Warehouse, analytics, and Hadoop workloads

January 31, 2023

Los Gatos, California, USA, January 31, 2023 – Impetus Technologies Inc., a digital engineering company focused on delivering expert services and products to help enterprises reach their transformation goals, recently listed LeapLogic, their automated cloud migration accelerator, in AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The listing will help AWS customers readily use LeapLogic for automated migration of legacy data warehouse, ETL, analytics, and Hadoop workloads to AWS, saving up to 75% vendor onboarding effort and 66% procurement time .

With up to 95% automation, LeapLogic can help AWS customers accelerate time-to-market and bring more accuracy and visibility to data lineage across workflows. LeapLogic, also offered as a stand-alone solution by Impetus Technologies, assesses and prioritizes workloads based on lineage, and auto-transforms schema, code, and workflows to production-ready output.

“This AWS Marketplace listing further cements the strong work Impetus does with AWS. Enterprises can now leverage LeapLogic straightaway to experience risk-free migration to AWS, fast-forwarding the vendor onboarding process. It also gives them the flexibility to start at a preferred scale and offset the cost of our services by using the funds already committed to AWS Marketplace,” says Murat Aksu, Vice President of Global Partnership & Alliances, Impetus Technologies.

Aksu further adds, “AWS customers can now experience 4x faster transformation, 1.5x faster validation , and end-to-end operationalization of workloads on AWS with zero business disruption. They can overcome the hassle of manual migration at lower cost and unleash their business and analytical potential with the power of AWS.”

Impetus Technologies, an AWS Advanced Services Partner, has a long-standing relationship with AWS with shared customers and a high NPS score. The company also has achieved the AWS Data & Analytics Consulting Competency, the AWS DevOps Consulting Competency, and the AWS Migration Consulting Competency, in addition to Amazon Redshift Service Delivery, Amazon EMR Service Delivery, Amazon Managed Services for Kafka (Amazon MSK) Delivery, and AWS Lambda Service Delivery designations.


LeapLogic, an Impetus product, automates the transformation of legacy data warehouse, ETL, analytics, and Hadoop to native cloud platforms. Impetus Technologies solves the data, AI, and cloud puzzle by combining unmatched expertise in cloud and data engineering. Impetus offers data platform engineering, DevOps, application modernization, and more. For over a decade, Impetus has been the ‘Partner of Choice’ for several Fortune 500 enterprises in transforming their digital nuclei and driving unmatched innovation and growth.

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