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LeapLogic, Impetus’ automated cloud accelerator, fast-tracks the modernization of EDW, ETL, Hadoop, analytic, and reporting workloads to any cloud-native stack with up to 95% automation.

Explore how other migration accelerators stand up against LeapLogic.

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    LeapLogic simplifies workload modernization with its 4-step proven approach
    Step 1
    Detailed analysis of workloads, dependencies, and code profiling along with actionable recommendations
    Step 2
    End-to-end transformation, including core business logic to target-native equivalents
    Step 3
    Seamless validation for data, pipelines, and row and cell-level queries
    Step 4
    Target-specific executable packaging with optimal price-performance ratio

    Why choose LeapLogic over other migration accelerators?


    Feature LeapLogic Others
    End-to-end automation Ensures end-to-end automation across the entire migration lifecycle with go-live support in the new target environment Partial automation capabilities with discrete frameworks and services in place, mostly backed by manual efforts (usually with no go-live support.)
    Extensibility and customization capabilities Offers extensible customization of:
    • Use cases to newer patterns
    • Sources
    • Targets code types
    • Data ingestion strategy as per organization’s security needs
    • Integration with third-party tools
    • Architecture blueprint as per target services
    Limited extensibility and customization capabilities. Typically, not extensible beyond data and SQL migration to other code types and formats.
    Comprehensive assessment Performs comprehensive assessment and produces actionable insights with prescriptive recommendations. Other tools perform inventory analysis, but offer limited or no recommendations for offloading to the new target platform
    Detailed recommendations Recommendations for planning offload are based on:
    • Workload complexities
    • Interdependencies
    • Technical debt (dead code, poor-performing workloads)
    • Future-state architecture blueprints
    • Offloadable and non-offloadable workloads
    • Dead code – suitable for archival/sunset
    Offer assessments that aren’t comprehensive due to limited analysis and visibility of legacy source workloads
    Visualization of complex interdependencies Offers simplified and intelligible visualization of complex interdependencies between all the workloads Often doesn’t capture the full lineage for all the workloads, leading to difficulty in establishing useful correlations between data points.
    Seamless code transformation Ensures seamless conversion of:
    • Diverse code types and formats (such as DML scripts, procedural code, macros, shell/ETL scripts)
    • Proprietary code
    • ETL scripts
    • BI Reports
    • Scheduler scripts
    • Orchestrator scripts
    • DDLs
    • Analytics scripts
    Most alternatives ensure conversion of just SQLs or a few ETL sources. There are limited alternative tools that offer conversion of complex scripts, such as BTEQs. No partner offers BI conversion capabilities, orchestration scripts conversion capabilities, etc.
    Extensive auto-transformation coverage The auto-transformation coverage for LeapLogic extends to 90-95% in the first iteration and goes beyond 95% in further iterations Typically, it starts with 40-50% coverage and goes till 70% in most cases
    Validation of transformed artifacts Provides:
    • End-to-end automated cell-by-cell validation
    • Pipeline-based automated validation of transformed business logic
    • Data validation at cell-level
    Mostly, provides semi-automated data validation only till row-level. In addition, most alternatives don’t offer query-level or other script validation.
    Guaranteed SLA adherence Can enable businesses to meet performance SLAs in the new target environment (as per the source environment). Proven experience of exceeding the SLAs for several enterprise customers. Most alternatives don’t guarantee meeting SLAs to this extent
    100% risk-free migration Ensures a 100% risk-free migration with near-zero business disruption Most alternatives don’t ensure 100% risk-free migration (as they lack end-to-end automation practices)

    The LeapLogic advantage

    4x faster transformation
    2x lower cost
    1.5x faster validation
    2x less manual effort
    Up to 95% automation
    90% reduction in risk
    Trusted by Fortune 500 companies


    United Airlines

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    Impact delivered

    30% performance improvement by converting Netezza and Informatica to Azure-Databricks stack

    20% SLA improvement by modernizing Teradata workloads on Azure

    50% cost and time savings when transforming Informatica workflows and Oracle EDW to AWS


    And many more…

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