Automated reporting workload transformation from OBIEE to Amazon QuickSight

Explore how LeapLogic can help you automate the transformation of OBIEE reporting workloads to Amazon QuickSight with near-zero business disruption

In today’s digital age, data drives innovation and growth. Nowadays, enterprises leverage data analytics to automate processes, enhance decision-making, and create new business ventures. However, using legacy systems for data analytics can cause issues, hampering business growth.

OBIEE to Amazon QuickSight migration can enable businesses to unlock their true analytical potential, but they can encounter unwanted obstacles in their modernization journey.

LeapLogic is here to change that.

Let’s see how LeapLogic automates end-to-end OBIEE migration to the cloud with its proven 4-step approach.

First step: Comprehensive assessment

LeapLogic assesses and provides a comprehensive analysis of the existing OBIEE reports, dashboards, and its entire higher inventory.

Furthermore, LeapLogic ensures efficient performance of the workloads on Amazon QuickSight by identifying code gaps and offering actionable recommendations.

With a graphical view of data and process lineage that illustrates complex interdependencies between workloads, LeapLogic ensures improved data privacy, security, quality, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

Second step: Automated transformation

LeapLogic allows you to create a customized transformation pipeline that can convert the OBIEE data sets to Amazon QuickSight.

The tool performs an end-to-end transformation of OBIEE reporting workloads to Amazon QuickSight in three stages:


Automates the conversion of the reports to AWS-equivalent code and migrates all workoads to AWS

Data validation

Authenticates all the migrated data and certifies it


Modifies the OBIEE reports to AWS-equivalent code

Presently, Amazon QuickSight doesn’t support cardinality and provides partial support for hierarchies. LeapLogic follows a unique solution for dealing with unsupported or non-performant patterns on the target side. Its intelligent pattern-based transformation engine incorporates target-native best practices and converts the code such that it is optimized, compliant, and easy to maintain.

Third step: Validation

LeapLogic optimizes the data on the cloud by auto-generating reconciliation scripts and offering unit and integration testing.

LeapLogic also provides cell-to-cell validation reports, data type, file-to-file validation, and entity-level matching.

Final step: Operationalization

When we say end-to-end – we mean it!

LeapLogic integrates legacy tools and existing processes to AWS-native orchestrators using target executable packaging. When migrating reporting workloads from OBIEE to Amazon QuickSight, it also ensures operationalization of the migrated workloads on AWS.

What value do you get out of these?

Automated, fast, and risk-free OBIEE to Amazon QuickSight migration experience.

For over a decade, we have helped Fortune 500 companies take data-driven decisions with absolute confidence and drive powerful business outcomes they had never even imagined.

We are here to accelerate your modernization journey!