Automated Workload Transformation from Oracle to Databricks

Learn how you can transform legacy Oracle PLSQL workloads to Databricks with lower cost and lower risk.

In today’s digital age, enterprises need to migrate to the cloud to survive. Migrating to Databricks can enable businesses to unlock their true potential, but the path to modernization can be challenging.

LeapLogic can change that.

Automate Oracle to Databricks migration up to 95% with LeapLogic’s intelligent grammar engine.

Here’s how LeapLogic automates end-to-end Databricks migration with its proven 4-step approach:


LeapLogic starts the Oracle migration to Databricks journey by assessing the existing files, procedures, queries, and entities to give data-driven insights. Furthermore, LeapLogic identifies code gaps and offers actionable recommendations to ensure efficient performance of the workloads on Databricks Lakehouse.

LeapLogic also offers a 360-view, graphical view of data and process lineage, showcasing complex interdependencies between workloads. It ensures improved data privacy, security, quality, transparency, and regulatory compliance.


LeapLogic implements three stages for the end-to-end transformation of Oracle workloads to Databricks Lakehouse:


Converts the schema to Databricks-equivalent and migrates all the data into Databricks cloud data warehouse tables

Data validation

Authenticates all the migrated data and certifies it


Modifies the Oracle code and business logic to Databricks-equivalent code

LeapLogic’s intelligent transformation engine significantly reduces manual effort in mapping and converting all keywords, functions, and constructs during Oracle migration to Databricks.


Once LeapLogic transforms all the legacy code, it auto-generates reconciliation scripts and offers unit and integration testing to further optimize the data on the cloud.

Furthermore, LeapLogic provides cell-to-cell validation reports, data type, file-to-file validation, and entity-level matching.


When we say end-to-end, we mean it! LeapLogic integrates legacy tools and existing processes to Databricks-native orchestrators using target executable packaging. When migrating workloads from Oracle to Databricks, it also ensures operationalization of the migrated workloads on Databricks.

It provides a DevOps-ready environment, an optimal cost-performance ratio, accelerates the decommissioning of legacy workloads, and ensures stabilization on Databricks.

What value do you get out of these?

Automated, fast, risk-free, dependable, secure, and affordable Databricks modernization experience.

Choose LeapLogic today to accelerate and automate your Oracle to Databricks migration journey at lower cost and risk. It’s more than the next step – it’s a leap into the future of your business.