Automated workload transformation from SAS to Amazon EMR

Modernize your legacy analytics workloads to Amazon EMR with lower risk and lower cost

Leading global enterprises are moving to the cloud to achieve faster real-time insights, minimize costs and greater scalability. SAS migration to modern platforms like AWS enables businesses to unlock their true potential, but the path to modernization can be challenging.

LeapLogic can change that.

With LeapLogic’s flexibility, scalability, and unmatched performance, you can automate SAS to EMR migration with up to 95% to minimize costs and risks.

Check out how LeapLogic automates the end-to-end SAS migration process with its proven 4-step approach:


LeapLogic starts the SAS to EMR migration journey by assessing the level of script complexity and segregates analytical scripts into procedural, statistical, and advanced algorithmic workloads. Furthermore, LeapLogic also gives insights, like data steps, procedural constructs, and more.

LeapLogic also offers detailed reports for offline use to analyze the assessment results and make informed business decisions.


LeapLogic implements three stages for the end-to-end transformation of SAS workloads to Amazon EMR:


Converts the schema to EMR-equivalent and migrates all the available data into EMR cloud data warehouse tables

Data validation

Authenticates all the migrated data and certifies it


Modifies the SAS code and business logic to EMR-equivalent code

With LeapLogic’s intelligent transformation engine, enterprises can save significant manual effort in mapping and converting all keywords, functions, and constructs during SAS migration to Amazon EMR.


After transforming all the legacy code, LeapLogic auto-generates reconciliation scripts and offers unit and integration testing to optimize the data on the cloud further.

Additionally, LeapLogic provides cell-to-cell validation reports, data type, file-to-file validation, and entity-level matching.


When we say end-to-end, we mean it!

LeapLogic integrates legacy tools and existing processes to EMR-native orchestrators using target executable packaging. When migrating workloads from SAS to Amazon EMR, it also ensures operationalization of the migrated workloads on Amazon EMR.

LeapLogic assists with cloud optimization and capacity planning, ensuring the performance of the workloads in your new EMR-native stack

What value do you get out of these?

Automated, risk-free, secure, and affordable migration and modernization without business disruption.

Choose LeapLogic today to accelerate and automate your SAS migration journey to Amazon EMR. It’s more than the next step – it’s a leap into the future of your business.