Automated workload transformation from Teradata to Amazon Redshift

Learn how LeapLogic helps enterprises modernize their legacy data warehouse with lower risk and lower cost

An AWS-native stack can help your business unlock its true potential, but the path to modernization can be challenging.

We change that!

With LeapLogic, experience the unmatched performance, scalability, and flexibility of AWS Redshift with significant cost-cutting. Take advantage of our intelligent grammar engine that enables you to migrate Teradata workloads to AWS Redshift with up to 95% automation.

Here’s how LeapLogic automates the end-to-end Teradata to AWS Redshift migration process with its proven 4-step approach:


Assesses the existing Teradata workloads to list the entire inventory, get data-driven insights, and prioritize use cases with high business value. Furthermore, LeapLogic identifies technical debt and provides optimization recommendations for Amazon Redshift at schema, code, and orchestration levels.

LeapLogic also identifies anti-patterns in the legacy code, rectifies them based on Amazon Redshift coding methodologies and standards, and recommends offloadable workloads and optimum future-state functional architecture.

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Converts the schema to AWS-equivalent and migrates the data into Redshift cloud data warehouse tables

Data validation

Validates the migrated data and certifies it


Transforms the Teradata code and business logic to Redshift-equivalent code

LeapLogic auto-transforms and maps all the keywords, functions, and constructs to Redshift-compatible code. It also provides a notebook-based inline query editor for further optimization.


Performs pipeline-based automated validation that auto-generates reconciliation scripts. Furthermore, it provides automated SQL/query and business-level validation to provide cell-to-cell validation reports, data type, and entity-level matching, and file-to-file validation.


When we say end-to-end, we mean it! LeapLogic migrates workloads from Teradata to AWS Redshift and ensures operationalization of the migrated workloads on Redshift. It provides an optimal cost-performance ratio, accelerates the decommissioning of legacy workloads on Teradata, and ensures stabilization on AWS with a smooth cut-over.

What value do you get out of these?

Risk-free, fast, affordable, and reliable Teradata to AWS modernization.

Choose LeapLogic today to accelerate and automate your Teradata to AWS Redshift migration journey at lower cost and risk.