Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Work’s Platform Modernization Journey to Snowflake

Discover how LeapLogic enabled Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works to modernize their legacy workloads to Snowflake while minimizing business disruption

The legacy data platform of Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works inhibited them from driving the next chapter of their analytical growth and led to challenges like a clogged data warehouse, data silos, performance bottlenecks, cost inefficiency and a data swamp with duplicate entries. Impetus Technologies helped Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works overcome these challenges and addressed the dilemma of choosing the right cloud partner by evaluating multiple options and benchmarking various choices.

LeapLogic, Impetus’ automated cloud accelerator, enabled Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works to seamlessly migrate 2,800+ production-grade EDW scripts and 400+ Hive scripts to Snowflake. Apart from seamless platform migration, critical success was also achieved in efficient data management post brand separation.

Watch this insightful session to explore how these global retail brands partnered with Impetus to facilitate their migration to Snowflake and create a unified source of truth for expedited data access and analytics. In the session, experts from Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, and Impetus will uncover the challenges faced in their modernization journey and how Snowflake data sharing accelerated their migration amidst brand separation.