On-demand Webinar

Accelerate Your Journey from Netezza to a modern data platform

To achieve greater scalability and tighter integration with their enterprise data lake and cloud computing initiatives, many Netezza users are exploring various growth options. These options fall into two broad categories:

  • Continue with an IBM alternate solution, such as Power Systems, or
  • Move to a modern cloud-based data lake architecture

While switching to an IBM solution may seem to be the easiest option, it can create a proprietary vendor dependency that limits your flexibility to take advantage of the open source enterprise data lake or cloud investments you may be making. The flexibility to take advantage of modern data architecture technologies can deliver significant cost savings and near-infinite scalability. Enterprises can capitalize on this opportunity by offloading Netezza workloads to a cloud-based modern data architecture.

This webinar shows you how to put automation to work to reduce the cost, time, and risk of a large-scale transformation. Experts from Impetus also demonstrated a way to transform Netezza workloads to a modern data platform “automagically,” using the industry’s first automated workload transformation engine. This will be an interactive discussion followed by Q&A.


Venkat Chakravarthi

VP - Modern Data Architecture Practice, Impetus Technologies

Dhirendra Sinha

Product Manager – Data Warehouse Modernization Solutions, Impetus Technologies

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