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Automated, Intelligent Data Estate Modernization to Cloud Platforms

Dealing with technical debt is difficult due to the lack of code visibility, complexity, and the risk of introducing new errors. There is a significant need to reduce dependence on hand coding by teams of programmers for migration. Fortunately, automated migration tools and modern practices offer a near-zero risk alternative, while maximizing ROI and reducing costs through optimized use of cloud-native capabilities at schema, code, and execution levels.

LeapLogic, Impetus’ cloud accelerator for extract, transform, and load (ETL), data warehouse, Hadoop, and analytics modernization, makes it possible to take on a sizeable transformational migration journey. Having successfully handled many migrations, LeapLogic’s team has the expertise to help ensure a seamless migration to cloud platforms with zero business disruption.

Watch Impetus and Carahsoft experts in collaboration with AWS in this insightful webinar to learn about innovative strategies to modernize data platforms to a modern cloud-native architecture.

In this webinar, subject-matter experts have discussed:

  • Challenges faced by government regulated enterprises and how data and analytics technology trends are enabling faster solutions
  • Strategies for workload modernization to modern Cloud platforms
  • Ways to leverage automated assessment to create a robust migration plan
  • How LeapLogic enables the automated transformation and operationalization of legacy workloads Real-world success stories


KJ Lian

Global Sales Leader, WWPS, Database, Analytics and AI/ML,

Sachneet Bains

Director - Solutions Architecture

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