On-demand Webinar

Data warehouse migration dilemma: Migrating as-is or total re-engineering

Enterprises moving their legacy workloads to on-premise/cloud modern data platforms have been facing the dilemma of deciding between migrating as-is and total re-engineering. Building a strong foundation for a modern data warehouse architecture that supports sophisticated analytics using a cloud/hybrid/on-premise strategy has become an imperative.

Join our webinar to learn about:

  • Benefits and challenges of both the approaches
  • Factors that govern the decision making and how to choose the right strategy
  • Building a prioritized transformation roadmap of use cases based on cost, performance, business needs and impact
  • Understanding how automation can help to make the right decision and to accelerate the migration journey


Surendra Yadav

Senior Director Of Engineering

Sachneet Singh Bains

Senior Solutions Architect

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