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Modernizing Data Science and Analytics in the Cloud While Minimizing Business Disruptions

Modernization is business-critical—especially to take advantage of powerful cloud data platforms such as data lakehouses. With the growing importance of analytics, it is vital that you address the modernization and cloud migration of data management and analytics workloads together to avoid delays and disruptions that damage business. This means that along with the data, you need to ensure good migration of predictive models, statistics, visualizations, and any related programs and applications currently residing on legacy systems.

The problem is that most migrations involve significant manual work. Dependence on hand coding by teams of programmers often means that organizations spend too much time finding and fixing errors and inconsistencies. Manual work is typically not well documented, which makes troubleshooting, testing, and validation slow and tedious. Modernization becomes nearly impossible due to lack of profiling visibility into existing programs, applications, and workloads. You don’t know where to start. Costs quickly increase beyond what organizations had forecast for cloud migration.

Fortunately, automated tools and modern practices offer an alternative. Join this TDWI webinar to learn how you can accelerate cloud migration and modernization of data and analytics to take advantage of scalable and agile resources and meet pressing business demands for data science.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • TDWI perspectives on pain points in cloud migration and modernization from legacy analytics and data systems and how technology trends are enabling faster and better solutions
  • Why simple lift-and-shift cloud migration often leads to higher costs and unanticipated delays
  • Analytics modernization: Ensuring that you meet objectives for migrating from legacy systems to cloud data platforms such as a data lakehouse
  • How automated tools improve profiling so you understand what you have and can optimize cloud migration for better speed, accuracy, and transparency
  • Future-proofing your modernization strategy for growth in workloads, data volumes, and business demands for faster analytics


David Stodder

Senior Director of Research for BI,

Satish Garla

Solutions Achitect,

Sunil Gowri

Senior Technical Architect,
Impetus Technologies Inc.

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