On-demand Webinar

Optimize costs and modernize analytics with automated data platform migration

The risk of business, technical, and operational disruption associated with manual migration often deters enterprises from modernizing critical data and analytics systems.

Leveraging automation to modernize legacy data platforms can address these risks, enabling enterprises to gain operational efficiency, reduce/optimize costs, and achieve new advanced analytics capabilities at a massive scale on the cloud.

Attend this data and analytics modernization session if you are looking to:

  • Create a unified source of truth for easy access and faster analytics
  • Lower CapEx and OpEx expenditures for data and analytics environments
  • Get actionable “in-the-moment” insights at scale using AI and ML-based models
  • Go beyond stock ML capabilities of legacy platforms
  • Monetize data and reduce GTM for the launch of data-related products

Our industry experts will also talk about specific nuances of migration to Databricks and demo a solution that enables 4x faster transformation to Databricks at 2x lower cost and 2x less manual effort.

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