On-demand Webinar

Transform your data warehouse from Oracle to Snowflake – Automatically.

Address the cost and capacity concerns of Oracle leveraging Impetus’ Workload Transformation Solution

Experience the power of ML-based transformation from Oracle to Snowflake. Learn how you can simplify, accelerate, and de-risk data warehouse migration by automating the conversion of queries, applications, reporting, and ETL workloads.

  • Ensure fast and reliable transformation to Snowflake with up to 90% automation
  • Out-of-the-box accelerators to convert Oracle constructs like cursors, sequences, user-defined functions, and PL/SQL blocks
  • Automated migration of Oracle Web Reports (OWR) and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) ETL scripts
  • 100% Snowflake-native conversion with end-to-end operationalization

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