Witness automated assessment and cloud-native transformation within minutes

For ETL, data warehouse, and analytics workloads


Step 1

Select source and target platform. Use sample scripts OR upload any legacy code/scripts

Step 2

Execute assessment in a single click

Step 3

Get insights and recommendations.

View sample transformed code

What's possible with the trial

The free self-service tool profiles your inventory, analyzes performance, and recommends optimizations for your target environment. And that’s not all, you will also get a sample of the transformed code – all within minutes!

End-to-end workload analysis

  • Codebase profiling

  • Identification of complex interdependencies/lineage

  • Resource utilization metrics

  • Query complexity

Actionable insights

  • Code patterns and anti-patterns

  • Technical debt

  • Optimization opportunities

  • As-is migration, optimization, and refactoring candidates

Target-specific recommendations
and code

  • Comprehensive assessment report

  • Target tech stack and architecture

  • Sample of transformed code

  • Transformation plan for phased migration

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