Accelerated Hadoop migration to Amazon EMR

With LeapLogic for Hadoop, your transformation to EMR will happen faster, with more accuracy, thanks to superior analysis, automation, and validation.

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    / Assessment
    • Say yes to key questions
    • Is my optimization strategy for Update/Merge on Amazon EMR apt?
    • Can I get schema optimization recommendations for partitioning, bucketing, clustering, etc.?
    • Can I assess HQL and Spark SQL queries?
    • Will my technologies be mapped?
    • Will by workloads be categorized by patterns and usage?
    • Can I get insights on Hadoop infrastructure such as line of business visualizations, workload types and patterns, and identi¬fication of storage needs?
    / transformation
    • Automated migration readiness inventory
    • TCO and optimized T-shirt sizing for the matching target capacity
    • Automated workload optimization
    • Service mapping
    / validation
    • Automated transformation of:
    • SQL and SQL-like technologies – Impala, Hive, Spark, Presto
    • API-based jobs – MapReduce, Spark, PIG, Latins, HBase
    • ETL accessories – Oozie, Sqoop
    • Infrastructure – Capacity, queues, and SKUs
    / operationalization
    • AI-based capacity forecasting and optimization
    • Automated migration of security – Ranger and Sentry policies, users
    • AIOps-driven continuous observability
    • Provisioning through Infrastructure as Code on Amazon EMR
    • Performance optimization to meet target SLAs



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    Automated workload transformation from Hadoop to Amazon EMR


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