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Experience LeapLogic’s automation capabilities to transform legacy Informatica ETL workloads to AWS Glue with near-zero disruption

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Automate workload transformation from Informatica to AWS Glue

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Accelerated ETL modernization to AWS Glue


AWS-native transformation for ETL, analytics, data warehouse, and Hadoop


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Transformative impact delivered by LeapLogic 

  • 140 Informatica ETL workloads modernized in less than 4 months

  • 80% auto-transformation achieved for migrating Informatica and Oracle workloads

  • 50% reduction in performance execution time by migrating to AWS Glue

  • 30% performance improvement by converting Netezza and Informatica workloads

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

The LeapLogic advantage

2x less manual effort
2x lower
1.5x faster validation
4x faster transformation
Up to 95% automation
90% reduction in risk

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