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American Express partner session – Part 1:
Plan your legacy migration to modern platforms using an intelligent assessment

The first step to full-scale data platform modernization is an intelligent workload assessment, which profiles your entire inventory, analyzes performance, and helps identify technical debt. The assessment module of Impetus’ Automated Workload Transformation Solution provides actionable insights and prescriptive recommendations for seamless migration to modern platforms (on-premises/cloud).

Join this session to learn how an intelligent assessment can:

  • Help address the challenges of Teradata migration
  • Provide insights on workload interdependencies and end-to-end lineage
  • Identify opportunities for workload re-engineering and optimization
  • Create a customized, target platform specific plan

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Also, save your spot for Part 2 of this series: The fastest way to convert and rearchitect Teradata workloads to modern platforms

Learn how the Impetus Automated Workload Transformation Solution helps Fortune 500 enterprises accelerate and de-risk their modernization journey.


Venkat Chakravarthi

VP — Modern Data Architecture

Hari Kodakalla

VP — Cloud and Data Strategy

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