On-demand Webinar

American Express partner session – Part 2:
The fastest way to convert and rearchitect Teradata workloads to modern platforms

A data architecture modernization journey involves several complexities.

It includes workload dependency identification, technical debt eradication, code transformation and optimization, along with operationalization of migrated workloads on the target environment.

The Impetus’ Automated Workload Transformation Solution de-risks and accelerates code transformation and validation not just for SQL queries, but also for procedural constructs, scheduler scripts, Teradata-native formats, and all the business logic contained in analytical and reporting queries.

This session will focus on:

  • Leveraging recommendations from an intelligent workload assessment (Part1 of this virtual series)
  • Batch transformation with examples of code
  • Code validation, including unit, and integration testing
  • Workload performance optimization and transitioning into production to go live on the target


Venkat Chakravarthi

VP — Modern Data Architecture

Hari Kodakalla

VP — Cloud and Data Strategy

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