Accelerated migration to AWS

With LeapLogic, your transformation to AWS will happen faster, with more accuracy, thanks to superior analysis, automation, and validation


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/ Assessment
  • Say yes to key questions
  • Can I identify anti-patterns in my existing code and resolve them as per AWS coding techniques and standards?
  • Will it make sense to design my future-state architecture using all AWS-native services (for orchestrating, monitoring, etc.)?
  • Will I know which workloads can benefit from EMR vs. Redshift cloud data warehouses?
  • Can I save provisioning and maintenance costs for rarely used workloads on AWS?
  • Data warehouse
  • Can I get schema optimization recommendations for distribution style and distkeys, sort keys?
  • ETL
  • Will the assessment help me choose AWS services for meeting ETL SLAs?
  • Analytics
  • Will it be beneficial to convert analytical functions to Spark ML-based libraries?
  • Will my ETL processing SLAs impact my choice of an optimum Amazon EMR cluster size?
  • Hadoop
  • Is my optimization strategy for Update/Merge on AWS Redshift apt?
  • Can I get schema optimization recommendations for partitioning, bucketing, clustering etc.?
/ transformation
  • Packaging and orchestration using AWS-native wrappers
  • Intelligent transformation engine, delivering up to 95% automation for:
  • Data warehouse – Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake on AWS
  • ETL – AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, PySpark/Scala + Spark
  • Analytics – Amazon EMR, PySpark/Scala + Spark
  • Hadoop – Amazon Redshift, Snowflake on AWS, Presto query engine
/ validation
  • All transformed data warehouse, ETL, analytics, and/or Hadoop workloads
  • Business logic (with a high degree of automation)
  • Cell-by-cell validation
  • Integration testing on enterprise datasets
/ operationalization
  • Capacity planning for optimal cost-performance ratio
  • Performance optimization
  • Robust cutover planning
  • Infrastructure as code
  • CI/CD
  • Data warehouse – Provisioning of Amazon EMR/Amazon EC2/AWS Redshift/Snowflake, and other AWS services for orchestration, monitoring, security etc.
  • ETL – Provisioning of AWS Glue and other required services
  • Analytics – Provisioning of Amazon EMR and other required services
  • Hadoop – Provisioning of Redshift/Snowflake on AWS and other required services

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